BubbleConf aims to inspire you to reach for the stars.
It’s about Design, Technology, and above all Entrepreneurship.
On September 27th we held the conference its second edition with a wide range of speakers.

If you were there this year then we hope you had as much fun as we did! If you missed out then no worries; below are recordings of all the talks on the main stage.

Mission Date Location
To provide inspiring tools to startups and entrepeneurs looking for design, development and business insights. Beurs van Berlage

BubbleConf's prime selection of inspiring people

02:The fleet

We couldn't have done it without our speakers. These are the guys and gals that gave you inspiration and knowledge for years to come:

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Heart of Amsterdam's city centre

03:The Beurs van Berlage

Briefing RE: Event Location

You’ll want to remember the coordinates

Located in the heart of the Amsterdam city centre, the Beurs van Berlage is definitely successful in delivering a suitable environment for the fleet.

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The story

04:The journey

In 2012 we set out on a journey to organise a conference. BubbleConf was born out of our own need to explore our craft. We dreamed of being inspired and we wanted to be moved, but there was nothing out there that filled this void. So we decided to do it ourselves.

Four hundred space cadets joined us in making our dream reality as our stellar lineup took to the stage. We were blown away by their enthousiasm and personal stories. It was truly a day to remember.

In 2013 we'll start on a new journey. We have grown and learned. What once seemed unattainable is now within our reach. New insights found us and once again we are ready to be inspired and guided on our path through space.

Meet the people who make magic happen

The world seems like such a big place, but from space it looks tiny and fragile. That kind of insight, that kind of overview and sense of amazement is what we wanted BubbleConf to be about this year.

Astronauts call it the 'overview effect', a term coined by Frank White back in the nineties. From space, all of our differences, conflicts and problems become less important. This results in an urge to work together to protect our "pale blue dot".

This year BubbleConf aims to refocus you on what's important to guide you towards your own goals. To remove the distractions and inspire you once again to reach for the stars.

If you are an entrepeneur, a designer or a developer, BubbleConf is for you. We bring together the greatest minds and allow you to meet the people who make magic happen. Our speakers are eager to share their stories, their dreams and their experiences with you. We hope to see you in Amsterdam, the 27th of September.

The BubbleConf team

From speakers to lunch

05:Cadet's schedule

09:00 — Registration + coffee/tea
Main Room Side Room

Opening ceremony

André Foeken & Ninh Bui

Building the best product of your life

Kyle Neath (GitHub)

Products are built out of intuition, experience, dedication and luck. I want to talk about positioning yourself to build the best product of your life. About building something significant and meaningful. I want to talk to you about how I accidentally came upon this position, the people who made this possible, the experiences that prepared me for this, and why it's been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.


How to become accomplished

Chad Fowler

We work in a time and culture of incredibly hard work. When someone asks how you're doing, how often do you use the word "busy" in the answer? But, what are we busy doing?

As a professional musician, I learned that the most successful musicians are rarely the best musicians. This holds true in the technology business world. It's also true that the busiest, hardest working among us aren't necessarily the most accomplished.

So, what is accomplishment, and how do we get it? Let's explore this topic with examples from my career as a professional musician, conference organizer, programmer, open source contributor, author of multiple books, public speaker, and high level technology manager.

Catalysts, curve balls, and communities - Early growth stories from SoundCloud

David Noël

Growth is a dynamic moment in a start-up's lifecycle that seems to never stop once it starts. First million users? Check. Constant flow of new team members? Check. Downtimes? Check. Culture? Check. Going global? Check.

This session will explore the untold stories about growth at SoundCloud &emdash; ranging from product to community to the company. It will explore the delicate balance of implementing structure in a startup without losing the core motivations that initially propelled SoundCloud to become the world's leading audio platform to iterating on our products while listening to the feedback from our community of creators to ensuring every new employee feels welcomed and aligned across multiple timezones.


Ask Dribbble anything

Dan Cederholm & Rich Thornett

Q&A with Dribbble


The story of Sketch, with occasional bits of advice

Pieter Omvlee

This is a talk about how we at Bohemian Coding built Sketch, and how we did it carefully and slowly. We'll discuss building products in general, and how we ended up getting recognition and are suddenly trying to go up against Adobe.

Related to that, we'll have a look at music and design and try to get to grips with the fact that we're just not good at doing certain things. There are no magic tricks, but working hard and not taking yourself too seriously can get you a long way.

Lightning talks

Jurriaan Kamer, Bart van Zon, Yoshua Wuyts & Bart de Groot

Lightning talks are small Pecha Kucha style presentations that last under 10 minutes. Lightning talks provide an excellent opportunity to discover new ideas and inspiring speakers.

These folks will light up your world:

  • Jurriaan Kamer – Growing your company whilst staying agile
  • Bart van Zon – Numbers: measuring your campaign's effectiveness
  • Yoshua Wuyts – Building better education
  • Bart de Groot – From looking for workspace to designing a mobile office space in 20 steps

Hello BubbleConf, we've got your female engineers

Pia Henrietta Kekäläinen & Floor Drees (RailsGirls)

We don't believe we need to stress the need for more diversity in Tech. What we'll do instead is explain how Rails Girls and all other beginner workshops, Summers-of-Code and study groups help lower the barrier for newcomers to the industry. Plus, we'll show how girly details can make all the difference in creating a safe environment and one of playful learning. No blaming the boys, but rather a lot of pointers on how you can help introducing more people to our ever emerging industry.

How to run your business when you don’t know what you’re doing

Thijs van der Vossen

Ever noticed how most business advice comes from unreasonably successful, extremely confident, and annoyingly able people? How they always come up with a list of “rules” based on their early struggles and experiences? That you should listen closely, because you won’t ever get anywhere without their uniquely valuable advice?

This talk won’t be like that.

Thijs has been running Fingertips, a small design and development consultancy since the late 90s. Even though he ignored most of the conventional wisdom on client relations, hiring, management, overtime, and growth, he still hasn’t gone bankrupt yet.

No matter if you run a consultancy, or plan to start a product business, this talk will help you decide what makes sense for you, which rules you can safely ignore, and how to make sure your business doesn’t end up running you.


Ask Sofa anything

Koen Bok & Jorn van Dijk

Q&A with Sofa

Lightning talks

Sytse Sijbrandij, Anika Lindtner, Jurriaan Mous & Werner Helmich

Lightning talks are small Pecha Kucha style presentations that last under 10 minutes. Lightning talks provide an excellent opportunity to discover new ideas and inspiring speakers.

These folks will light up your world:


The Art Of The Con: Memoirs of a conference trophy nerd

Zed Shaw (last words)

“I'm retiring from speaking at tech conferences. My last one will be Bubbleconf and I'm going to lay it all out in a talk titled "The Art Of The Con: Memoirs Of A Conference Trophy Nerd".

If you want to see an epic fucking blowout then come to Bubbleconf 2013 and watch me set this bitch on fire while I walk out of the scene with a big "fuck you, and thanks for all fish". After that I'm putting *myself* on a blacklist for bad speakers and working to keep abusive or shitty public speakers out of the conference circuit while starting a training program for geeks who want to learn public speaking.”

Read the rest of Zed's post on his blog.


Closing ceremony

André Foeken & Ninh Bui
18:00 — Drinks & networking
21:00 — Afterparty @ The Tara (Github is buying you drinks!)

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